Your business is unique, and we align ourselves to become your trusted partner.


Our business vision is to use our proven B2B leadership and creative edge to create powerful business impact and drive revenue for technology companies and their multiple channels.

We want to realise this by crafting breakthrough media planning and communication strategy in a competitive and cost effective manner. We are here to help drive demand for our client’s products and services, lower sales costs and standout in the ever shifting markets.


Powerful lead management edge that strengthens your sales and profits.


Alticor is passionately driven by a mission to help businesses take the required leap by providing demand generation solutions for revenue progression and brand cognizance.

Our content syndication, demand generation and database solutions help in developing programs, conceiving webinars and other custom content. Thus our advertising solutions and sales enabling proficiency help clients reach the right markets for qualified sales leads.

Alticor Media is a full-service B2B demand generation agency. Our lead generation method utilizes content, B2B email data, historical data, and marketing automation to drive high-value outcomes for marketing and technology clients. Our key differentiators include our vast contact database with millions of engagement points, extensive targeting options including historic behavior, impressive fulfillment speeds, and exemplary lead quality standards.

Dating back to 2012, Alticor Media has built a track record of success with a wide variety of clients, from industry giants, like Google, Oracle, Marketo, and Adobe, to smaller companies, like Procore, Influence & Co., and Workfront. Regardless of the size of the relationship, we take pride in catering to the specific needs of each client and delivering the highest quality results.

Over years as a B2B lead generation agency, we have built diverse strategies for business clients of all types. We work with each client to create a one of a kind strategy for their business, allowing them to reach their desired audience and achieve campaign objectives.

We specialize in providing critical services required for increasing your revenue and maximizing shareholder value. In addition, operating from our offshore centers allow us to provide our clients high value at low costs. Our services cover all aspects of marketing communications such as list development, marketing campaigns, customer and technical support. Alticor Media serves as a reliable business partner that adds value to an organization and provides competent, trustworthy support.

With a corporate office in the Silicon Valley and a Center of Excellence located in Pune, India, our proven outsourcing practices ensure optimum utilization of time zones by staffing two shifts: one that aligns with the United States’ work day and another that aligns with the United States’ overnight hours. By employing two shifts in our Centre of Excellence, we are able to provide clients a unique competitive advantage – we work while you sleep.

We have helped clients improve business functions, reduce timelines, enhance quality and improve sales while reducing costs by up to 60 percent. The success we secure for our clients is heavily reliant upon our people. We want only the best for our clients, so we only hire the best and most qualified individuals. Our agents are highly-educated and have earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees and have excellent written and spoken English, thus making partnership with Alticor Media a seamless extension of your sales/marketing department(s).

As a successful and functioning outsourcing company, we have the expertise to deliver results and unparalleled success for your business. We guarantee client satisfaction and build qualified and reliable teams around our clients’ individual needs, goals and projects.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination. We Are Creative! We Have Intuition and We Are Determined!


Your business is unique, and we align ourselves to become your trusted partner


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The greatest barrier to lead generation success is lack of staff, budget, and time.


Powerful lead management edge that strengthens your sales and profits


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