The objective of B2B demand generation should be to enable and augment the lead to revenue process. Yet most of the sales and marketing people fail to organize around this goal due to lack of coordination. Instead of rationalizing marketing and sales roles in terms of how they should contribute to the process jointly, it is more important to organize according to communication channels, such as email marketing or PR, or to the other activities such as events or campaigns.

In most of the cases, companies focus on campaign structure that is promotional and short-term, and fail to consider the perpetual nature of buying processes. Instead they should re-devise their marketing efforts, consider their role in lead engagement, nurturing and converse on and identify the team that will lead the demand process stewardship efforts.

Our Demand Generation philosophy is one of which takes a bespoke and methodical approach towards your whole business development sales & marketing infrastructure, and incorporates: strategy, clear objectives, structure & direction, realistic market potential, market positioning, promotion, market penetration, raising awareness, professional representation of your organisations brand and technology through a cold-call approach, creating the right impression, lead development & nurture management, qualified appointment generation, visibility of your industry and competition, tighter strategic control over your organisations future strategic decision making, a well calculated business direction, a potential channel to attain market saturation, also the right marketing mix to achieve a cost effective plan of action and a clear pathway to pole position.

Alticor Media Process

The following suggestions for addressing and resolving common issues can improve a demand generation marketing program.

  • Aligning Sales and Marketing to Determine Lead Qualifying Criteria
  • Enabling Sales and Marketing with the Proper Resources
  • Creating Integrated Marketing with Human and Digital Efforts

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