Digital Strategy Planning

Alticor Media begins by evaluating a company’s current branding and method of marketing. They then strategize the best way to promote your company to new clients and facilitate growth in its business.

Content Development and Communication

Alticor Media will work with you to develop a comprehensive content plan. Alticor Media approves all marketing plans with you (or your employees) before executing on any strategy.

Implementation of Digital Strategy

Once the appropriate modes of online marketing have been selected, Alticor Media implements the strategy through:

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing service provides clients with complete follow-through for all email campaign including sales pitches, press releases, event announcements, special offers and newsletter circulation. Alticor Media will target your opt-in prospects and nurture and engage them until they are sales-ready.

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building

The search engine optimization service assists clients who want their website to be ranked high on leading Search Engines. Realistic, achievable goals are set for each keywords/phrases based on client requirements supported by good link building strategy.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Alticor Media’s talented and experienced PPC campaign management team will create and manage your PPC accounts. They create ad content, set bids, monitor click rate and make necessary changes to ensure you secure high position on the search engine result pages under the paid/sponsored ad links section.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing service helps clients in creating buzz to attract customers and prospect’s attention. Alticor Media promotes news, blogs, press releases and offers in such a way that it creates a prominent buzz in social network around your fan communities.

Blogging and Micro-Blogging

Alticor Media blogging service supports clients in asserting their company brand and online presence. Blogging is an effective way of collecting prospects and customer’s feedback, steering direct means of communication and increasing SEO effectiveness.

Landing Page Creation and Website Management

The website management service assists clients with the management and upkeep of their Website (s). Alticor Media’s experienced team of web developers serve as a seamless extension of a client’s sales, marketing and communications departments and ensure the client’s website is up-to-date and representative of the business. They also help in creation and management of landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising helps in behavioral targeting and remarketing through cookie technology which allows banners to be displayed on varied types of websites your prospect uses. Alticor Media manages banner creation, geo-targeting and campaign management.

Video Production, Animation and Marketing

Video marketing adds a whole new element into digital marketing strategy. Alticor Media helps in production, editing and promotions of your marketing videos.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile friendly website makes content easy to understand and interpret on hand-held devices. Alticor Media can design, develop and host your mobile website for all major mobile platforms including Apple iphone and Google Android.

Measurement, Analytics and Reporting

After implementing your strategy, the job is not over. Alticor Media will continue to monitor and analyze the results of all marketing channels so that they can continue to improve your results and ROI.

Alticor Media offers the following Digital Marketing Services:

  • Email Marketing Services
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Blogging and Micro-Blogging Services
  • Landing Page Creation and Website Management
  • Banner Advertising
  • Video Production, Animation and Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

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