Most of the consumers today spend more time online than reading the traditional news daily or magazine or even watch television for that matter. They do all these things online through one single channel called the computer. This is where an effective B2B lead generation plays a role for a business. The success of any B2B portal lies in targeting their customers using online media. There are several ways to do it. One of the most effective methods still remains as email marketing. There are hundreds of benefits of email marketing for a B2B portal. Some of the classic benefits are: Targeted audience A B2B business caters to a highly targeted audience through email marketing. A large database of emails can be generated using the title, nature of business, company and geographic locations. This kind of email marketing ensures that you are targeting only the right audience that will cater to your business growth. When the emails are relevant you can successfully generate a large database of leads for your sales team. Customized messages The messages that are sent to customers are customized in such a way that it maximizes the effectiveness and increases the prospects. Customized messages often carry relevant information and do not glorify only the company. Rather the approach is to concentrate on the customer’s needs through these emails. This is one of the key factors for successful B2B lead generation. Faster reaction If the email is very effective you will get instant results out of it. The responses are almost immediate and you will also generate a lot of hits for your website. Email marketing automatically contributes to your business promotion on search engines by increasing the hits volume. Results The results that you get out of email marketing are measurable. You can easily conclude on the number of leads generated on a daily basis and also measure the percentage of business conversion. Since the results are instant you can also get a good picture of how your business is doing on the internet and if your objectives are being achieved. Things not to do in email marketing

  • When you are using email marketing for B2B lead generation there are several things that you should avoid doing.
  • Do not make the emails very stuffy and loaded with images. It takes longer time to download such emails with poor internet connectivity and the customer may lose interest.
  • Always make your emails objective. There is no point in introducing the company through an email. Determine the purpose of the email and sue small amounts of text to get the message across. This will automatically lead the customer to your webpage.
  • Have easy links to access on the email. A simple HTML coded email can work wonders for your B2B lead generation.